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Hi welcome back to my blog. this reading is very special as it combines the Spiritual Energy of the Tarot and the Planetary Energy of the Universe. You will get a month by month look at the energies that will be most predominant in your life as the year progresses. It all starts when the sun returns to your sign on the day of your birth. I will also include the positions of the major planets, and how they affect the houses and the signs they are in. Take advantage of this offer as it will continue to bring you information throughout the entire year, until your next solar return. As an added bonus I will pull extra cards to bring you advice from your guides, angel, and higher self. Keep in mind that I will only offer this reading in a video form so you can download it, or just save it and listen to it each month to give you and edge over the energies and how to best deal with them. If you would like to book this reading please contact me via my email at:
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Kay Cannon said...

This lady is an Extrodinary lady and has such special gifts as I have had many readings from her and she is the "Real Deal" Thank you Raisa for your insight and your gifts of mediumship and empathy which the lord bestowed on you. Blessings always!

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